August 6, 2020

It is important to prepare your home before every HVAC service call. This helps maintain the safety of our technicians and protects the property in and around your home. Before one of our technicians comes out to perform work at your house, please complete the following tasks.

How to Prepare for a Service Call

  • Clear the area around the furnace and air handlers so the technician can safely work on your HVAC equipment. This includes, but not limited to, removing all litter boxes, pet beds and boxes from the workspace.
  • Make sure the area around the outdoor condensing unit has at least a 12 inch clearance on all sides of the equipment- a 2 to 3 foot clearance is preferred. This allows the system to run more efficiently as well as provides a safe working space for our technicians.
  • Empty out closets (if applicable), clear access to the attic and check pull-down steps are in safe working condition.
  • Remove any fragile and valuable items that are in the vicinity of the HVAC equipment and/or workspace.
  • Keep all paints, gasoline or any other flammable products at least 3 foot from your HVAC equipment.

Our company is not responsible for any damages that occur where the workspace and HVAC equipment are not properly cleared in advance of the scheduled appointment. We understand that some service calls are emergencies or are scheduled last minute, which does not provide you with much prep time. For these scenarios, we ask that you do the best you can to safely prepare the workspace for the technician.

We encourage you to visit the “Our Team” page on our website so you know who our technicians are before they arrive at your home for a service call.

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