June 23, 2020

We celebrate National HVAC Tech Day each year on June 22. This date is significant as it aligns with the first official week of summer (peak air conditioning season!). This holiday was started by American Residential Services (ARS) in 2016, and approved by the Registrar at National Calendar Day , as a way to celebrate and show appreciation for the hard work of HVAC technicians.

Why Should We Celebrate National HVAC Tech Day?

Until HVAC equipment stops working, we often take for granted the luxury of controlling the temperature in our home. Even just a few hours without heat or air conditioning  is extremely uncomfortable. Whenever a HVAC issue comes about, you can rely on your technician to respond to the problem at all hours of the day and night. As a result, we compiled a list of reasons why HVAC technicians should be recognized and celebrated not just on National HVAC Tech Day, but every day:

  • HVAC technicians are essential workers (in PA). This was especially evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, when our technicians continued working despite the potentially dangerous circumstances.
  • Technicians typically work in uncomfortable and unpredictable situations and spaces in extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  • HVAC techs are highly trained and skilled individuals- technically and knowledgeably.
  • They often work overtime to ensure that customers are happy and comfortable.
  • Hvaing a HVAC technician maintain your HVAC system each season increases the efficiency of your unit. This means more money in your pocket.

How Our Company Celebrates

Each year on June 22, we celebrate National HVAC Tech Day by starting the day with a company breakfast (we had to skip this part of the celebration this year  due to COVID-19) and handing out a small gift to each employee to thank them for their hard work. Below is a photo of our company’s celebrations from earlier this week.



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