April 2, 2020

HVAC contractors are considered a life-essential business in the state of Pennsylvania. Therefore, we are open for business as usual despite the current stay-at-home order due to the Coronavirus. We understand that many customers are uncomfortable allowing people to work in their home given the current circumstances. We respect each customers’ decision whether they allow us to work in their home during this time or prefer to reschedule work for a later date. For those customers allowing us to work in their home, please know that we are taking all necessary precautions to keep everyone safe.

Company Safety Procedures

Our company instituted the following safety procedures for our employees to follow:

  • Our technicians will wear N95 masks, disposable latex gloves, disposable coverall suits and booties before entering a customer’s home.
  • Each technician will wash their hands before a job with the bar soap and paper towels provided by our company.
  • Every employee will have their temperature checked each morning in our office. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4° or higher will be asked to go home. They will not return to work until they receive clearance from a doctor or medical professional. All employees have to complete a screening form each morning as well.
  • If any of our employees are feeling unwell or are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms, we ask that they do not come into work.
  • To honor social distancing practices, we ask that our technicians do not shake hands with any customer when they arrive at a job. This is to minimize the risk of contamination.
  • Our office staff is calling each customer prior to their scheduled appointment to confirm no one in the house is sick or has traveled to a high-risk area in the last 14-days.

Tips to Allow Our Technicians to Safely Work in Your Home

Our company suggests several tips to allow our technicians to safely work in your home:

  • Let our office staff know in advance if there is a back door, basement door or garage entry that our technicians can use to avoid walking in the main parts of the house.
  • Provide verbal instructions in advance to where the HVAC equipment is in the house so our technicians can easily find their work area. This reduces the amount of customer-homeowner interaction.
  • Allow our technicians to wash their hands if they ask to do so before or after the job.
  • Stay in another room that our technicians are not working in. This gives our technicians the space they need to safely socially distance while working.
  • If a customer is not comfortable signing an invoice, we will send it electronically if an email address is provided. This will serve as your e-signature.

For more information on how our company is implementing these safety procedures, please visit the Coronavirus page on our website. To stay up-to-date on the Coronavirus, please visit the CDC website.

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